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Wellness Care For Adult Dogs

What your canine companion needs at his/her ADULT life-stage. (1-6 years)




Yearly wellness exams are important for your adult dog, even if they appear generally healthy. By having your dog examined at least once a year, it allows the veterinary health care team to make note of insidious problems like obesity, arthritis and dental disease, and formulate an action plan for your individual dog before conditions become severe. If our veterinary care team finds your dog has a chronic issue, we might recommend wellness visits every 6 months to ensure any problems are found in a timely manner. Remember dogs age much faster than we do, so yearly visits are equivalent to us going to the doctor every 7 years!

Distemper/Parvo: we recommend vaccinating against canine distemper, parvovirus, hepatitis, parainfluenza and adenovirus. At your dog’s one year visit we administer a 1 year distemper/parvo vaccination. On subsequent visits we strongly recommend switching your dog to a 3 year distemper/parvo vaccination interval. Our 3 year disptemper/parvo vaccine has been proven safe and effective for prevention of both of these deadly diseases. If you have any questions about what is right for your dog, do not hesitate to ask our doctors.

Rabies: The first rabies vaccine given to your dog is good for 1 year. Subsequent rabies vaccines are good for 3 years. It is a legal requirement to keep your dog current on rabies.

Bordetella: We recommend the bordetella (kennel cough) vaccine for dogs who are boarded, go to the groomer or spend a lot of time around other dogs.

Leptosporosis: there are 6 different types, or serovars, that infect dogs.Clinical signs range from bloody urine, gastro-intestinal signs or neurologic signs. This disease is spread primarily in animal urine, so dogs that are around farm animals or wildlife are at increased risk of contracting the disease. Leptosporosis can be transmitted to humans. Historically this vaccine has had a higher incidence of vaccine reaction. If you think your dog is at risk for contracting this disease, please feel free to discuss whether vaccinating your pet is appropriate at your dog's visit.

Other Vaccines: if your dog would benefit from some of the other vaccinations available, either because of travel history or specific health needs, we will discuss this with you at your dog’s wellness visit.

Intestinal Parasites: because of the zoonotic (can be spread to humans, especially small children) potential of common intestinal parasites, we recommend that all dogs have their stool examined on an annual basis. Fecal examination entails giardia elisa testing, and microscopic examination of a direct and flotation preparation of feces to check for worm ovum and coccidia.

Heartworm Testing: we recommend testing for heartworm on an annual basis. The heartworm test is a fast simple blood test that detects the presence of heartworm disease, a potentially fatal mosquito borne illness, and 3 potentially fatal tick borne diseases. If you keep your dog on year round prevention, and do not travel to high heartworm endemic areas, your dog can be tested every other year. As the incidence of heartworm disease in Idaho is increasing, if you elect not to have your dog on prevention, we still strongly recommend yearly testing for this potentially deadly disease so treatment can be instituted in a timely fashion.

Heartworm prevention: Highly recommended for all dogs. Also treats for roundworms and hookworms, two common and potentially zoonotic (can transfer to humans) diseases.

Fleas/ticks: The incidence of these parasites varies according to season in Eastern Idaho. Our main problem times are Spring and Summer. During our high risk times, or if you are traveling to an area with greater incidence of fleas and ticks, we recommend Frontline Plus for prevention.

We recommend good oral hygiene for your dog and offer a complete line of at home dental care products ranging from tooth brushes and paste to rinses and chews. Your dog’s teeth and gums will be evaluated at their annual wellness visit. If they are showing signs of periodontal disease, we strongly recommend having their teeth professionally cleaned before severe disease necessitates tooth extraction.

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